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During Spring 2017 Wayside Water Gardens have introduced an innovative new service for our customers which should help solve an old problem of trying to quickly mature an Oase Proficlear moving bed filter.

As a lot of people are aware, when you purchase your new moving bed Koi pond filter it is recommended to first soak the K1 or Hel-x media in Potassium Permanganate to help remove the oil coating which is applied during the manufacturing process. If this is not done then it will take weeks for the coating to naturally disperse and will lengthen the time it will takes bacteria to colonize the media. Once the media is clean, bacteria can be encouraged to multiply on the media, providing there is an adequate food source i.e. fish waste.

Wayside Water Gardens have set up a fish free, Bio Secure system to artificially scrub the new media which will then be seeded with beneficial bacteria and fed with artificial fish waste. When purchasing a new Oase Proficlear filter from Wayside Water Gardens we can then substitute your new bagged media for 'aged' Hel-x13 media which will greatly reduce the startup time of your new filter and help keep Nitrite and Ammonia levels to a minimum.

If this new service is of interest to you please e-mail us at sales@waysidewatergardens.co.uk

2 x Free live 25lt Hel-x13 media when purchasing your Proficlear filter from Wayside Water Gardens. Just add to cart.