Available in many shapes and sizes and an ideal pool for the beginner. These pools are suitable for most species of coldwater fish except Koi carp (which require depths of 3ft min.). The main advantage with these pools is that they are robust and difficult to puncture so making them an ideal choice when the garden is shared with children and pets. The varying depths of shelves make them ideal for the introduction of a wide variety of aquatic plants. Must be installed and supported with care. Best laid on a bed of sand or sifted soil. Available only from our retail shop.

  We stock the complete range of Oase PE ponds. From 150 -1000 lts.

 We stock a large range of Lotus Toughline ponds. From 180 -1725 lts.

 We stock the full range of Lotus Instant ponds. From 62 -300 lts.


The toughest pool you can buy. These are very strong but more successful when installed into the ground rather than raised as the ground provides better insulation. Obtainable in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes from 18"- 36" deep. Available in larger sizes than the plastic pools with a few deep enough for Koi carp. Life expectancy 50 years. Available only from our retail shop

 We stock a comprehensive range of Atlantis Glassfibre ponds. From 855-4950 lts.


By far the most popular and least expensive way to make a pool. Available in 3 qualities, Heavy Duty P.V.C., Pinnacle P.V.C. and Epalyn Butyl Rubber. All of which carry a lifetime guarantee. These liners can be purchased at any size to suit any shape and depth of pool. Much easier to install than plastic and glassfibre pools as the liner moulds its shape to the hole dug and does not require back filling. It is recommended to use pond liner underlay as a protective barrier against sharp stones beneath the liner. A suitable way to create a Koi pond providing the pool is dug to a 3ft. min. depth. 29 sizes are stocked in the 3 different qualities. Available only from our retail shop

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